Our volunteers have moved mountains of trash in our efforts to clean up our watershed thanks to our local business partners W. Q. Watters Company, Walker Machinery/Walker Express and G.R. Marker & Sons. The WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), the City of South Charleston,  and the Trinity Christian Church have provided great support, and our members have provided thousands of man hours. Here's a list of our awards and recognitions. 

2000 - WV Watershed Network's "City Slicker" award for urban watershed work. We have also been nominated for awards in habitat improvement, water quality and outreach and education. 

2003 - Stream Partners Award from West Virginia Watershed Network for  outstanding work in forming partnerships to achieve our goals. 

2008 - "Stream Partners Award" for our outstanding work in forming partnerships to achieve our goals. 

2011  WV Make It Shine Clean Community Award from the West Virginia Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (R.E.A.P.) 

2012 - Water Quality Monitoring Award. 

2014 - WV Department of Environmental Protection's award for Education and Community Involvement. 

2014,- Natural Partners Award at the annual statewide West Virginia Watershed Network Celebration at the state Capitol. 

2015 - Award for Positive Purposeful Partnerships from the West Virginia Watershed Network, at the annual Watershed Celebration at Hawks Nest State Park.

2017 - WV Watershed Network "Scouting the Creek" Award for work on education with BSA Troop 152-Soil & Water Conservation Merit Badge and water quality monitoring 

2018 - WV Watershed Network Award  in recognition for being the capitol city's backyard watershed group working on education and cleaning up trash


Thanks to our two scientist volunteers, our grant-funded data loggers have been collecting water quality information from multiple locations in the watershed. This information helps us determine where problems exist so that appropriate action can be taken. The data is added to the Davis Creek water quality records at the WVDEP for future reference and  comparison. 

High conductivity readings were noted from Middle Fork and Kanawha Fork. The dry months resulted in low flows which showed increases in conductivity. 


We worked with the fifth grade class of Kenna Elementary School on their "Trout in the Classroom" project. The class received trout eggs in October and have been caring for the tiny trout that hatched in their very large aquarium tank. 

Due to the school closures the class was unable to complete the project in their classroom, but the trout fingerlings were released into suitable habitat.

The project is supported annually by a DCWA volunteer and the Ernie Nester Chapter of Trout Unlimited based in Charleston. 

Davis Creek was recognized for work in education and water monitoring at the West Virginia Watershed Network's annual Watershed Celebration Day on August 19th at Camp Dawson, Kingwood, WV